UC3-How to declare a variable at a specific address


TitleUC3-How to declare a variable at a specific address
How can I declare a variable at a specific location of the Flash memory?
To do so with gcc, a specific section must be created using the linker flags.
Here is an example on how to proceed to place a string variable at address 0x80010000:
Declare the variable specifying location in .testloc section:
const char string[] __attribute__ ((section (".testloc"))) = "String at fixed address";

To create section in linker option:
In AVR32 Studio:

  • Open the project properties: highlight the project name and press Alt+Enter.
  • Select the C/C++ Build / Settings category.
  • Select the Tool Settings tab.
  • Expand the AVR32/GNU Linker and highlight the miscellaneous item.
  • In the Linker Flags field add the -Wl,-section-start=.testloc=0x80010000 option.
  • Refer also to the attached screen shot (new-section.png).
 In Atmel Studio 6.x:
  •  Open the Project Properties (Solution Explorer -> Right click on the project -> Properties).
  • Select ‘Toolchain -> AVR32/GNU Linker -> Miscellaneous’.
  • Add ‘-Wl,-section-start=.testloc=0x80010000‘ in ‘Linker Flags’.
  • Refer to the snap shot ‘new-section-AS6’ attached. 
  • Section can also be created in the respective device linker script files.
  • Example illustrating the same is available in Atmel Software Framework (also in Atmel Studio 6.x).
  • In Atmel Studio 6.x : File -> New -> Example Project from ASF -> FLASH/ FLASHCDW Example
  • In ASF: asf-3.x\avr32\drivers\flash [or] flashcdw
  •  AVR32795: Using the GNU Linker Scripts on AVR UC3 Devices can also be useful a reference to understand the GCC linker scripts.  
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